Driver Training Course

March 28 & 29 2020

This high performance driving school will benefit anyone who wishes to improve their driving techniques.  The successful student is eligible to apply for a novice racing license with CACC or ICSCC. The course is open to anyone with a valid, full driver’s license (no L or N).

March 28 is a classroom day and the student will be taught by certified racing instructors on all aspects of car racing in the Pacific Northwest. March 29 is held at Western Speedway and is an all day event with VMSC racing instructors teaching practical HPDE techniques in progressively faster course layouts. Lunch will be provided. To secure a spot, fill out the application on the link below. The class is limited to 16 drivers and is on a first come first in basis. Please read the list below for required equipment for both car and driver. If you have questions regarding this course please contact the email address on the application.

COST:           $325.00                       SUBMIT ENTRIES: By  March 23, 2020

Choose the sign up method that suits you best:
Printable application and payment instructions are here.
Alternate registration on MotorSportsReg.


  • Helmet conforming to a 2010, or newer, Snell standard. Note: VMSC does have a few loner helmets
  • Wear apparel of cotton or wool, under and outer wear.  This course simulates racing conditions and natural fibers afford the best protection. NO Nylon, polyester or acrylics please!
  • Goggles, face shields, or helmet visors are a must in open cars.
  • Flexible leather, flat soled shoes.


    • Seat belts for driver and passenger conforming to Transport Canada MVSR 209 OR SFI 16.1, in two-seat cars.
    • Competition style roll bar in open cars.
    • Must be in good mechanical condition with tires, brakes, steering, and suspension in excellent condition.

Please submit entry as soon as is practical since information and study material will be sent by email. Refund of entry fee will only be given if written notice of withdrawal from the course is given by March 21, 2020.