About VMSC


The Victoria Motor Sports Club was formed in September of 1954 by seven members of the Victoria Motorcycle Club who, not fomenting some kind of rebellion, wanted to start an organization for the new fangled sports cars that were popping up everywhere. The club held to its origins by integrating a chain-drive sprocket in its first design for a club badge. The wire wheel motif that it displays to this day came along later.

VMSC has organized acceleration trials, hillclimbs, at both Mount Douglas and Little Saanich Observatory, rallies, both Time/Speed/Distance and Special Stage, and even Trials events. The Trials were amongst the few, if any, to be held outside the United Kingdom and involved climbing slippery up-hill courses in specially built cars. Scoring was done by how high the winning car could climb before coming to a stop on the grade.

From 1966 to 1982 VMSC hosted sports car races at the road circuit at Western Speedway. The course, although short (.85 mile or 1.36 km) was one of the fastest in the Puget Sound Basin with average lap speeds of 80 -85 mph (128 -137 kph). During the 20 minute races it was not unusual to complete 35 to 40 laps. If you did well at Western, YOU COULD DRIVE!

Currently, VMSC runs 10-14 Autoslalom events each year including a few special events like our Team Enduro and a year-end fund raiser for local charities. Autoslalom is a great way to get started in auto racing and to hone your high-speed driving with precision skills. Each event, a new traffic cone course is laid out and each competitor gets several chances to make it through the course as fast as they feel comfortable. The precision comes in trying not to displace any of the cones on the course which can add a penalty time.

We also hold Time Attack no passing events as well as Lapping days. These events are for the more experience driver. The Time Attack requires a special licence to partake and the Lapping days require you to have track experience and approval of the event organizer.

The club maintains a cadre of approximately 10 race drivers who contribute their effort and experience to the club’s Driver Training program. A minimum of one school is scheduled in the spring with the option of more through the summer as interest dictates.

The club is open to all comers with any make or type of car. All that is required is an interest in having fun with cars. Visit our Schedule page to find out when the next event is being held and we look forward to seeing you out!